Ryeside Ryelands
Ryeside Ryelands

Wool products

The Ryeside Ryeland flock is shorn each year in January and May. The show flock is shorn in January and the remainder of the flock on the 1 May. The white and coloured ryeland (brown) fleeces are then processed at a local mill and the resulting yarn is available to purchase at www.handsontraditionalcrafts.co.uk , our sister company.


The yarn and fibres are available to buy in different quantities and weights, and you can be assured of the provenance and quality. We can even tell you which animal or few animals the yarn was derived from.


We also produce a number of small, knitted items from our wool, including summer and winter scarfs, slippers, hats, etc. These are available from around £14. 


You can order our ryeland yarns, fibres, lots of colourful Merino wool fibres and unusual fibres on our sister company of pottery & crafts website

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Where to find us:

Ryeside Ryelands are based in North Yorkshire

Phone: 07484 314144